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#5 Gordon in Canada 2006





Bart passed away in his sleep January 12 2014.  As alway Bart did things on his own terms, he has left a wonderful legacy with a litter in Finland at Xeneran Kennels and his latest offspring a single male puppy to Am Can Sassenach Knight's Caisteal.


Made a move this Easter to Mineral Ridge, Ohio.  It's been a diffucult year for me this year and I have been fortunate to be well supported by my gordon friends and family.  The transition from my home to Gordon Chambers was not an easy one for Bart, Gordon's family or "She Who Must Be Obeyed" Princess Brenna.  Bart has had to learn a new set of rules from Brenna and understand not sharing is not an option he has anymore.  Brenna is in charge and Bart must remember that.  I had the opportunity to visit with Bart and his new family this October.  I must say I was absolutely amazed at the change in this dog.  Bart has alway been a full throttle dog with me, which is fine, but now to see him sit quietly, defer to Brenna or follow Maggie (Gordon's Mum) aroung like a calm shadow was amazing.  Bart is enjoying his new lifestyle as much as his old one now.  He was happy to see me, but just as happy to stay with his new family.  Bart isn't fully retired, we haven't told him this yet, but he's going to be a juniors dog.  Michael, Gordon's youngest son will be working with Bart in different diciplines.  It will be interesting to see this team if they decide to go public.  Meanwhile everyone is just enjoying life under Brenna's rules.

It became very obvious early in his life that Bart was a keeper -- something about his attitude and approach to life made it very easy. Not always the easiest of boys to live with, Bart approaches life at full throttle and very rarely lets up off the gas. An excellent cuddler and most in-your-face boy.

Bart finished his Canadian title very easily. Along the way he picked up four Best Puppy in Group and a Best of Breed win from the classes over Specials. In 2006 I decided to try a few shows out with Bart to see how he was maturing out. Bart gained 10 Group placements and fourteen Best of Breeds in fourteen outings.

In November 2006 I decided to go south for Thanksgiving, so why not take Bart with me to visit his brother in Rhode Island. While there we attended the Springfield MA shows, picking up Bart's first major.

Bart also entertained us all that weekend by proving he could be the perfect centre piece for the Thanksgiving table. One minute he was standing on the floor and the next second he was in the middle of the table which was fully loaded. How he didn't knock anything over, just shows how agile he is. We were all too stunned to take a picture and had a hard time keeping straight faces as we lifted Bart to the floor. This is so Bart.

Bart's latest trip across the line was to Great Falls Montana, where he was BW for two five point majors to finish.  Thanks to Heidi Gervais for handling Bart to these wins.  This was the first time that Bart went to a show without me.  Glad he had a good time though.


Bart Pedigree:


DOB: May 2, 2002 - January 12, 2014

Hips BVA/HD 4:5  OFA GSE4611F79M-VP!  Elbows GSE-EL469M79-VPI Normal

DNA V287148  CHIC DNA  Repository GSE-DNA-219/S

Cerf GSE-712/2006-54

DNA ChromaGene tested - carries black only

Frozen Semen available.

PRA rcd-4 test pending results

             Aust. Ch. Triseter Ebonie Marlon
   Ch. Rokeena Swagman
    Aust. Ch. Tahtan Black Lactitia
Ch. Sassenach Road Warrior
    Am. Can. Ch. McMurphy Fieldstone Travis
  Am.Can. Ch. Sassenach Limited Edition CD FDJ CGC/TDI
    Can. Ch. Sassenach H. Corbett


Bart Summer 2006


 Bart at Lyndenlethbridge group ringBart 18 months