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Ch. Sassenach Douglan Dodge CGN

Roland earns his Canine Good Neighbour title, using his loveable personality.  A great ambassador for the breed.


Roland has a new job as of August 2010, he's moved over to the next sub division to become a single dog, looking after three small children with Ryan and Michel Heggedal. Roland loves being a single dog, he gets all the fall out from the twins high chairs, helps Hunter around the house and generally keeps his eye on things.  Roland's favourite time is spent at the cabin in Invermere, he has access to the lake and squirrels, so his days are filled with fun.  Roland keeps in touch with us on a regular basis, he loves his new life and is much happier as a family dog than a show dog.  Roland is still available at stud.  Watch for new pictures of Roland and his 'family' coming soon.

2009, Roland loved his Christmas in California.  He was able to laze around and not worry about attending shows, he was strictly on vacation and loving every minute.  Roland's favorite memory will be the discovery of the automatic sprinkers.  The gardner had set the timing for pm rather than am so one afternoon, Roland witnesses the miracle of a sprinkler head coming up out of the ground and spraying water.  His first thought was how nice of Jane to supply him fresh drinking water this way, but when he saw the large sprinkler head, he asked Jewel to assist him with excavation.  Of course the rest of us were in Palm Springs during this covert operation.  As always Roland has his sweetheart love me face on when the deed was discovered.


Roland is a wonderful loveable character, although he is a bit of a drama queen at times.  This is probably due to him being an only child and spoilt rotten from day one.  Roland will probably take a while to get himself totally together, but we have seen glimpses of the fabulous adult he will be.


Roland is adjusting to his new urban life well, he loves the new runs and walks we have found.  Roland is thinking of taking up swimming but just hasn't quite got the nerve yet.  He watches his good buddy Tyrone race in and retrieve sticks or swim downstream.  So far he's got the chase and retrieve part, but not quite the courage to take paws off terra firma.

Roland is also enjoying agility class, he will never be a speed demon, there is just too much of him, but he sure likes the snacks when he practices his targets.





Roland pedigree


DOB December 9, 2004


CHIC #57875

Hips BVA/HD 3:3  OFA GSE-4600 Fair  Elbows OFA GSE-EL462 - Normal

DNA V410220

DNA ChromaGene tested - carries black only

CERF GSE-940/2009-53










             Am.Can.Ch, Sassenach Nat'l Rendezvous CD JH CGC
   Am.Can. Ch. Sassenach Preferred Stock CGC/TDI
    Am.Can. Ch. Sassenach Limited Edition CD FDJ CGC/TDI
Ch. Sassenach Douglan Dodge CGN
    Aust. Ch. Triseter Ebonie Marlon
  Am.Can.Ch. Rokeena Downunda Wunda
    Aust. Ch. Tahtan Black Lactitia






Just because we moved from the farm doesn't mean to say we are not having fun.






posing as he's decided he likes his picture taking

Roland won the 9-12 puppy sweeps and regular class at the 2005 GSCA National Specialty in Cincinnati Ohio.  In Canada he was undefeated as a class dog gaining his championship.  Roland has tried his paw at obedience, but finds it difficult to concentrate for periods of time.  Easy to live with and good at household obedience its doubful that he will see the competive side of things until much older.

In the meantime, he's having fun in the paddock with his buddies.  Roland did head out to class late in the summer to see how he was maturing.  He stacks up beautifully, but when you ask him to gait a look of horror appears on his face.  Roland is such a free spirit and a gentle soul, he can't take life seriously and believes he was put on earth to chase gophers, dance through the grass and talk back to you when asked to do something.  Roland's sense of drama is still the same I really don't think he will ever take to the show scene.  We'll have to wait and see.


These pictures are the latest ones taken in October 2007.  As you can see our boy is starting to grow up.


Roland is starting to mature, pictures taken in October 2007.  Thanks to Hana for these.


Roland in WisconsinWiscbnsin07evil eye





Roland at the parkroland goofy face

Is it time to go home I'm tired


gsca sweeps

GSCA Puppy Sweeps - 1st place 9-12 month


growing upall dressed and no where to go


The Long suffering look