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Am. Ch. Can. GCh. Sassenach Knight's Caisteal FDJ, RATN




















June of 2018, Islay finally finished her Field dog junior title, after having to take off a couple of years having blown both her ACL's and needing surgery and mandatory rest and healing. It was lovely to see her back in the field and doing what she loves.  Staunch on her points and giving me time to get to the bird and flush, the last leg of her titile was done in style. So we can safely say Islay is now retired from competitive events and will take on the new title of PHD (Personal Hunting Dog).



Summer of 2017 Islay had a lovely litter of puppies sired by Kendrew, this litter was very uniform, with good bone and substance.  I anticipate they will be hard working dogs in the field or whatever their owners decide to do with them.  


Islay finished her CKC Grand Championship in August 2015.  September Islay attended the PNWGSC and picked up two majors towards her AKC Grand Championship.  Fall saw us both out in the field for the first time working on our hunting skills, Islay loves her field work.  I am hoping that we can add and FDJ and a JH title to her name in 2016.  Another new venture we have started in is the Barn Hunt, Islay loves this sport as well, and gained her Instinct title easily and has just two more qualifing runs to earn her Novice RATN title, hopefully we will be able to hit the Barn Hunt in June 2016.


Islay bounced back well after her litter of puppies in March.  Quickly getting back in shape to attend shows.  August saw her picking up and AOM at the GSCC National Specialty, along with Select Bitch at the AKC All Breed Shows.


November we headed to the Rio Rancho Specialties in New Mexico.  Islay was awarded WB at the Second Gordon Specialty and the second Sporting dog specialty, leaving her just two points shy of her AKC title.


By the end of February we had enough of winter and headed to Phoenix AZ to the Fiesta Cluster.  Islay finished her AKC title in style going WB/BW/BOS.  Moving up to Specials for the last day Islay was awarded BOS.


In between shows Islay had fun relaxing in the sun and soaking up the rays.  On our last night not long before we were going to head to the airport Islay noticed the floating thermometer in the pool, she took it upon herself to rescue it from the water, diving in the deep end and doing a great retrieve.  I tried throwing the thermometer back in the water only to have her retrieve it again.  I think we may have to look for some dock diving in the Calgary area.


In the meantime Islay is having fun in agility classes, I believe we have another outlet for this active girl.






















DOB:  February 27, 2009 - March 9, 2020




PRA rcd-4 tested CLEAR


Islay Pedigree


             Am.Can.Aust.NZ. Ch. Trisetter Ebonie Nirvana
   Am. Aus. Ch Brodruggan Black Knight
    Aust. Ch. Tahtan Black Magic
Ch. Sassenach Knight's Caisteal
    Am Ch. Sandpiper's Castles By The Sea
  Am Can. Ch. Sassenach Caisteal A Tor
    Ch Sassenach Ringwraith SureShot




islai rwb


Islay wins the Bred-by class 2011 GSCA National, Canfield, Ohio and on to RWB.


This baby has come along way in the last twelve months.  Not only did she finish her Canadian championship just two weeks after her first birthday she did it in style.  Still a long way to go in ring craft, such as keeping still in a stack and not every judge needs a face wash.  Now to play and have fun until she matures.

Islay has only been in the ring for practice or so I thought.  Not the easiest of puppies,



Islay is very strong willed.  In three weekends she has picked up seven points and a Best Puppy In Show.  Islay has a lot of attitude and takes things in her stride, however she is a challenging dog to live with and keeps me on my toes all the time.



Islay's Best Puppy in Show


Islay finishing her Canadian championship at 12 months with a BPIS along the way.


Islay (pronounced Eye Lah) is the latest additiion to our family.  Islay is from a co-bred litter with Bobbie Tucker - Oakisle Irish and Gordon Setters.


Islay and her sister Willow hitched a ride as excess baggage to Edmonton, arriving on a flight that involved us leaving home at four in the morning in order to meet them.  Both girls came off the plane quite unpreturbed.  After a quick check and hands on Willow was handed over to her new family ready to continue on to Whitehorse.


The rest of Islay's new family had come along for the ride to meet their new neice and cousin.  We stopped a couple of times on the drive home for potty breaks and introductions.  We decided to reward the big dogs by taking them to their daily running ground as a reward after a long day sleeping in the back of the car.  Islay took this in her stride checking out the new smells but making sure she stayed pretty close to Wanda and myself.






first lessons


Islay at her first handling class





Kangaroo IslayIslay with Rozamund Roland and Edward

Family Circle

Islay after walking in fieldsExploring the edge of the pond

Exploring the environment


Islay 14 wksPlaying in the dirt while yard under construction