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This is not the kind of update I like to do, it breaks my heart to have to move Bronwen to the memories page.  I feel robbed.  Bronwen was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma in April of this year.  I found a very small lump in her neck, smaller than a pea.  It didn't feel right so I took her to my vet who referred us to the CARE centre in Calgary.  Dr Larson is an oncology specialist.  Bronwen loved her from the start.  Dr Larson started Bronwen on the Madison Wisconsin protocol, which is 26 weeks of chemo.  After the first treatment Bronwen went into remission.  Each week we would attend the clinic for a treatment.  Bronwen loved to visit with everyone there and quickly became a favorite.  To look at her you would never have realised that Bron was battling cancer.  She handled her chemo as an every day occurance and never once missed a meal or an opportunity for a snack.  We carried on as though we had all the time in the world together.  Just enjoying ourselves.  It was mid August when I noticed that the lump had returned, along with a mate on the other side of her neck and a couple of lymph nodes on her back legs. Treatment continued until it was obvious that remission was now just a memory.  Bronwen continued to live her life to the fullest every day until late September.  It was a difficult decsion to let Bronwen cross the bridge, however she did so with dignity in the arms of her friends Wanda and Jennifer to who I will be forever indebted to.


Bronwen has left me with a remendous legacy in her son Edward.  Hopefully this dreaded disease will eventually be eradicated.  Again another legacy Bronwen has left the breed is her DNA information for CHIC in the hopes it will help isolate information needed for the cure.  Rest well my precious.

Bronwen is having a fun summer, on her list of things to do is swimming.  In a recent outing to the Bow River Bronwen discovered she cannot walk on water.  I had a good laugh but Bronwen gave me one of her "kiss my thistle" looks her mother was famous for.  Bron was busily chasing ducks along the river bank and had not noticed they had taken off over the water, she continued on at full speed until she realised she was no longer on terra firma.  Not one to panic she calmly started to doggy paddle and returned herself to shore with a look of "say anything and die".


Bronwen rules the roost here and everyone is respectful of her.  She loves to wrestle and play with Edward, but her all time favorite pastime is to roll on her back down the hill in the paddock.



Bronwen a littermate to Bart, has only been shown occasionally, she prefers life in the field.  Somewhat of a machine when it comes to finding birds, Bronwen has an excellent nose and a huge run.  We have been slowly working on a Field Dog Junior title and need a final qualifying leg.  Bronwen took time out for a litter of puppies to Am.Ch Sandpiper's Castles By The Sea, proving herself to be an excellent mother and producer.  Uncannily like her mother Ciaran, Bronwen is a joy to have around.


Although Bronwen finished her Canadian title quite a while ago I haven't bothered to take her south of the border.  Looking at her the other day while grooming I realised she is finally getting competitive coat and maybe I should give her a work out at class.  What fun we had she was so happy to be in the show ring Bronwen had this huge silly grin on her face and her tail was going 90 miles an hour.  I am going to have to give some serious thought to showing this girl in the states fairly soon.  Bronwen is her mother reincarnated, they are so alike in many ways and now it looks like Bronwen is going to channel her attitude in the show ring.  Getting in shape will be the next thing, not for Bronwen, but for me.  Bronwen has thunder thighs and is a very solid girl, I am going to have to make sure I can keep up with her.


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Bronwen - pretty from any angle.


Bronwen Pedigree:


DOB May 2, 2002 - September 28, 2008

Hips BVA/HD 5:4

DNA V287419

PRA rcd-4 tested CLEAR

             Aust. Ch. Triseter Ebonie Marlon
  BIS Ch. Rokeena Swagman
    Aust. Ch. Tahtan Black Lactitia
Ch. Sassenach Ringwraith SureShot
    Am. Can. Ch. McMurphy Fieldstone Travis
  Am.Can. Ch. Sassenach Limited Edition CD FDJ CGC/TDI
    Ch. Sassenach H. Corbett



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Bronwen 2003 sweeps

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