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Ch. Farraway Heartland Sassenach



#7 Gordon in Canada 2009 (limited showing) 

#5 Gordon in Canada 2008


Cinaed, Gaelic for "Born Of Fire" - his Dam is Sassenach Reign of Fire - is a most loveable and expressive boy with so many endearing ways that he enchants everyone he meets. (Cinaed was also the name of the first King of the Scots and Picts in the 9th century). Although reserved with strangers, he is extremely affectionate and loyal to those he counts as his human friends, smothering them in delighted sloppy kisses every time he sees them.

Cinaed finished his Canadian Championship at 20 months in August 2006 - a week later as a very new Special he won his first Group ribbon, a Group 4. He was off the show circuit for the next 10 months, giving him time to mature a little more, and was brought out again in June 2007 where in his first weekend out he garnered a Group 2 and a Group 4. At

21/2 years he is showing great promise and we are really excited about his future. We shall be working towards his American Championship in due course.

He has attended Obedience classes on and off since he was 4 months and has shown himself to be a quick learner, especially when his mum has a pocketful of really motivating treats. He attended several sets of Agility classes in the summer of 2006 and proved to be surprisingly agile for a big boy. The teeter-totter was his nemesis last year - we'll be working on that this summer.

He is passionate about water and is a very strong swimmer; he loves to follow the paddle boat or kayak out into the lake. He took up running this spring and is proving to be a very enjoyable running partner. He will be introduced this summer to biking (using a Springer attachment) and I'm sure he is going to love that too.

Cute habits include grabbing a stuffy toy from his toy box en route to the door - he has to have a toy accompany him outdoors whereafter they promptly get abandoned - and curling up in his favourite adirondack chair which he has done since a baby but which he has outgrown by a long chalk now.

He lives on an acreage on a lake in Dryden (NW Ontario) with 3 Gordons, one of which is his mum, 3 Irish Setters and a LH miniature dachshund.







Cinead Pedigree


DOB December 9, 2004

DNA  V464907.



             Ch. Rokeena Swagman
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Ch. Farraway Heartland Sassenach
    Ch. Rokeena Swagman
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