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The newest members of the Sassenach Clan arrived safely on September 16, 2007.  A nice litter consisting of two boys and two girls.  All are thriving well.


It's hard to believe that five weeks has passed already with these kids.  They play outside for short periods now and love to explore their new world. They are so alike in looks and personality a lovely consistent litter.


Time has gone so quickly and the puppies are heading to new homes and adventures.   


It was so windy and cold when we were taking pictures. Onslow was happy to be finished standing still and go inside to play.

Onslow already has lots of miles under his belt travel to his new home took twenty hours, he loves his new roomie Fionn and doesn't mind wearing a fleece coat when he has to go outside.  He's also decided to change his name to Levan, but officially will be known as Sassenach Castle Leven Jewel.




Petal's journey was shorter only an eight hour trip for her.  Petal's new roomies are cats who have already put her in her place.  However Petal has claimed human bed space for her own.  Petal is still thinking of the name she would like to be known as and has warned everyone she may take her sweet time coming up with something.  Officically she will be known as Sassenach Holyrood Jewel.

It has been a couple of weeks now and Petal has settled well into her new home and decided upon a name change.  Henceforth she wishes to be know as Jewel, Jules, No and Bad dog.




Neville - Sassenach Dunvegan Diamond.  Neville is Arizona bound, enough of this cold snow in Alberta he has decided a warmer climate is more suited to his sunny nature.  Neville is looking forward to meeting his new canine siblings and being able to tell everyone about his adventures in flying.   Murray as he is now known can also brag that he is an American Champion at 17 months.



This little madam Tonka is going to be hanging out at Sassenach, there's just something about her that says keep me.  Not the prettiest of call names but she's built like a tank and somehow Tonka just seems right.  Her official name is Sassenach Jewel In The Crown.

Tonka made the long trip to Finland, February 2009.  Settling in well with her new Gordon and Irish friends Tonka is having fun and learning a new language, plus teaching her new siblings all kinds of naughty things.


With this litter I have incorporated both Edward and Lillie's names, the castles are all Scottish and the Jewel part is obvious - I think.


The litter is wonderfully consistent, the pictures are not necessarily the best but anyone who has ever tried getting puppy pictures will understand.






 Puppies doing what they do best relaxing at two weeks.


Sept puppies at 2 weeks  enjoying life 2wks

Puppy Pedigree

September 07 Litter

             BISS  Ch. Sandpiper's Castles By The Sea
   BIS Ch. Sassenach King of the Castle
    Ch. Sassenach Ringwraith SureShot
Crown Jewel Litter
    Hernwood Delaware Diamond JW
  Ch Hernwood Diamond Lil
    Hernwood Crystal Dream JW