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Am. Can. Ch. Hernwood Diamond Lil JH



#3 Gordon #1 female Gordon in Canada 2005





Lillie finishes her Junior Hunter title as a veteran girl, where has the time gone.  Now she can kick back and relax watching her grandchildren grow  and make names for themselves.




Lillie now makes her permanent home in Newport RI, along with sidekick and whipping boy Ronan a.k.a. Ch Sassenach Roads Scholar RN. Lillie thought it much more fun to stay stateside than come home to the wilds of Alberta. Lillie loves living with Jani and Ronan, especially as she knows which of their buttons to push.  the princess as always Lil enjoys the life of leisure.  Although Lil doesn't know it yet she will be back in the ring in 2011 as a juniors dog.  Lillie is also doing some field training with Jim McWalter of GlenMor Gordon Setters.  We hope to see them finishing a Junior Hunter title this next year.


Finishes her AKC title in style with a breed win over specials and a fifth major. Old Dominion KC Baltimore MA.


March 2009 saw Lillie and myself head out to the New England Sporting Dog Associated Specialties in Fitchburg, MA.  Although we didn't do anything brilliant on the first day we had lots of time to sit around and visit with friends.  Sunday Lillie was awarded WB/BW/BB for her fourth major, now we just need a single point to complete her AKC title.  I decided to leave Lillie behind when I headed home.  I was unsure when I would be able to get south of the border to show her again.  Lillie is hanging out with cousin Ronan, much to his delight.  Although Lillie did give a wonderful inpersenation of Cujo the first few days, Ronan now seems to be dancing to her tune.  Jani tells me Lillie has taken over the bed and Ronan sleeps on her bed on the floor.  Trust Princess Poo to find the comfiest spot to sleep.


Lillie enjoyed herself so much at the National she decided on showing again at the So Cal Specialty in Palm Springs Jan 2nd 09.  Princess Poo was certainly on form that day.  With her nose stuck in the air and her watch me attitude she caught the eye of the judge who awarded her WB/BW for her third major.  Now sat on 11 points towards her AKC title we have to start saving and thinking where we will go next to finish off.





Lillie Pedigree:


DOB May 28, 2003

Hips BVA/HD 4:5

DNA V410237

PRA rcd-4 tested CARRIER

             Am Ch Winsomes Music Maker
  Hernwood Delaware Diamond JW
    Am Ch Greenglens Glass Chime
Am. Can. Ch. Hernwood Diamond Lil
    Sh Ch Lochfain The Noble Dragon
  Hernwood Crystal Dream JW
    Hernwood Crystal Gem









Lillie's third major


Lillie pictured winning her third major GSCA Specialty Palm Springs Jan 2, 2009



Well this September Lillie got spruced up and went back in the ring.  It's been a couple of years since the was in the ring, but Princess Poo never missed a beat.  As always a coat machine you would never have guessed everything was shaved back last September to make it easier for the puppies.  Lillie is in specials coat without any effort on her part, but lots of grooming on mine.  Lil seems to grow hair overnight.  A trait she didn't pass onto daughter Tonka, but gave a double dose to daughter Hannah, much to Pat's dismay.  Lillie enjoyed her trip to the National this year.  Although we didn't come home with any points Lillie did place in all her classes.  Second in open at Brandywine Specialty and Supported entry Bucks Count and third at the National.


Lillie enjoyed her vacation in Rhode Island afterward, stealing toys from the puppies, chasing both Edward and Ronan in the yard, but especially sleeping on a big bed pad in the dining room, watching the action.


Lillie is missing her buddy Bronwen, she has nobody to chat too.  The puppies are too silly for her and the boys are only interested in digging holes.  Consequently Lillie feels a bit sorry for herself and is using her velcro personality around the house.


Hopefully next year we'll get back stateside and finish her title.  It would be silly not to as she has both her majors.  Lillie has matured into a very pretty girl.  I do need to get some new pictures of her.  I didn't take any of her at the National and nobody seems to have taken many pictures of the open class.  I have a few candids of her, but would be nice to have one of her all groomed out and ready for the ring.

Lillie was imported from Hernwood Kennels (Pete and Christine Sandiford) UK.  Quite unpreturbed by the long flight from Heathrow to Calgary, Lillie settled in and made herself at home quickly.

A bit of a princess, Lillie really loves her bed and is definately not a morning dog, she prefers to surface the middle of the day go out for a quick run then back to bed for a nap.  Lillie is the ultimate couch potato.

Despite this very laid back attitude once in the ring her love of adoration and being the centre of attention sufaces.  Lillie's Canadian Championship started and finished in less than a month, including two Best Puppy in Groups and Best of Breed from the classes.  On our first trip to the US at the GSCA National Specialty in Sturbridge, Mass.  Lillie won Best in Sweepstakes (The first British Import to do this), the 9-12 month class and the first leg on her JH title.  Lillie was also winner of Best in Sweeps at Puget Sound and Columbia River GSCA Specialties.

In 2005 I though it would test the water to see if Lillie was maturing enough to compete for her AKC championship.  We headed off to visit with our friend Jani Wolstenholme in RI and took in Framingham shows, where LIllie was Winners bitch both days for both her majors. In Canada Lillie finished as #3 Gordon and #1 Female in 2005, not bad for a two year old.  Lillie is currently taking time out to raise her family. .


Lillie Grp 2GSCA Best in Sweeps




BISw Puget Sound Columbia River Specialties


One of Lillie's Back to Back Best in Sweepstakes wins at Puget Sound/Columbia River Specialties



I said I don't do mornings


Princess Poo in I don't want to mode


pregnancy is boring


A well rounded Lillie expecting a litter