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Ch. Sassenach Roadhouse Blues


From the day we went out and picked up our puppy he has lived up to his theme song. Named Satchmo, for Louis Armstrong, “What a Wonderful World” has been his way of going through life. I don’t think it’s ever occurred to him that things don’t revolve entirely around him. The odd time he’s gotten in trouble for something, he simply ran up to give kisses with a big (unremorseful) grin that says “but Mummy I love you, so that must make it alright”.

Outside he has always been full of energy and drive, but inside he’s a perfectly happy couch potato. During my husband’s long illness, Satchmo was quite content to spend months lying in bed with him keeping him company. “Oh, is it another day in bed? Ok then”.

From the day he came to us, his nose has been working overtime. Birds are his passion and he loves nothing better than going out and practicing his hunting. Unfortunately, the neighbourhood hawks and eagles love hunting his homing pigeons as much as he does, so keeping up with training has become quite a challenge.

More recently, we’ve taken up the sport of tracking as a way to keep that nose busy. Like a duck to water, he took to tracking simply because he loves to do it. When we started tracking, our instructor told us to lay treats down along the track to teach him which track we want him to follow and to reward him for doing so. Well, Satchmo simply flew down the track to the end and then decided to collect the treats on the way back!

Always willing to give kisses (if your face is within reach it must need to be kissed) he loves to cuddle, and Sunday morning always has to include a good roll around in bed. He is also the only dog I know of who can drop his head and do a perfect front roll (on the bed of course); however, his aim is deadly as his goal is to body slam your legs! “But Mummy you love me remember!” Ah yes, that we do. Coming home to that wriggling body he makes you forget some of those stresses from the day. We are so happy that he has become such a big part of our lives.

Satchmo Pedigree

DOB May 2, 2002


             Aust Ch. Triseter Ebonie Marlon
   BIS Ch. Rokeena Swagman
    Aust Ch. Tahtan Black Latitia
Ch. Sassenach Roadhouse Blues
    Am.Can. Ch. McMurphy Fieldstone Travis
  Am.Can. Ch. Sassenach LImited Edition CD FDJ CGC/TDI
    Ch. Sassenach H. Corbett





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